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 Site Rules, please read
 Posted: Jan 11 2015, 02:56 PM

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Please register with your character's first and last name.

All characters must be a minimum of eleven years old. Eleven to sixteen year old’s must either be enrolled at Durmstrang or another school or homeschooled. *Durmstrang does NOT admit Muggleborns*

Any creature capable of sentient thought are playable. This includes: witches, wizards, squibs, muggles, house elves, goblins, centaurs, werewolves, half-veela, etc. Please keep in mind that RP may be limited with some creatures simply due to the limited circumstances of interacting with other characters.

The following are allowed with certain limitations:
Muggles – must be directly tied to the wizarding world through marriage or by offspring (Muggleborn)

Metamorphagus' – these are very rare, only 1 will be allowed per 30 characters on the site
Number available at the moment: 0

Vampires - these are rare, only 1 will be allowed per 20 characters on the site
Number available at the moment: 0

Half-veela – these are very rare, only 1 will be allowed per 20 characters on the site
Number available at the moment: 1

Werewolves – these are also rare and as this is BEFORE the invention of the Wolfsbane potion, turning into a werewolf is exceedingly painful and dangerous. Only 1 will be allowed per 15 characters on the site
Number available at the moment: 0

Number of currently active characters: 25

Canon Characters
Canon characters are allowed on the site provided they were alive in 1920 and was at least eleven years old at the time. Canon characters must played true to character. For example, Morfin Gaunt should NOT be played as a charitable, loving, wonderful man.

Multiple Characters
You may create as many characters as you can handle at any one time. If at any time you can no longer keep up with your characters, we strongly recommend sending one or two on an extended (in-game) holiday.

All professors are required to post one class/month. Once a year they are also required to post a practical examination for 6th Year characters. If there are no 6th Year characters, an exam will not be required. Any Professor who is not able to do the above, may find him/herself in a meeting with the Headmaster. A sabbatical may be recommended until such time the Professor is able to fulfill his/her duties.

They are also allowed to hand out detentions to misbehaving students. If such an event were to happen, they are responsible for coming up with and posting the detention thread. Along those same lines, Professors may jump into students' threads to break up fights, fix mayhem, hand out detentions, etc. under the following conditions. 1. They have a reason for being in the area. 2. They allow the thread to play out first. 3. The players in the thread have not specifically asked for no Professor involvement.

Professors are also encouraged to plot and thread with other characters as much as they like. They're not just here to teach classes.

In-Character Behavior and Posting

No godmodding, power playing, Mary Sue's, Gary Stu's, or using OOC knowledge, in character.
Godmodding – giving your character Godlike powers
Power playing – forcing a reaction on another character, Rping another character
Mary Sue/Gary Stu – an idealized character, with little or no flaws

No character wins every fight. Every character should have flaws. Please pay attention to what other characters are saying and doing particularly if your character joins in the middle of a thread. Your character should react appropriately.

Thread jacking is not tolerated. Thread jacking is when one or more people take over a thread, ignoring the original poster or changing the subject of the original post.


This site is meant to be fun. We understand that real life is more important and it can often get in the way. People have work and school and finals and vacations and military service and family obligations and world domination and a hundred other things that have a tendency to pop up time and again. And, as such, this site is meant to be pressure-free.

What we ask is that if a reply will not be up within a week, please PM the other person/people in the thread to let them know. If a reply can not be up within a month, please post in the Absences thread.

Do NOT feel guilty for needing time off or for having to put a post in the Absences thread. We understand.

Out-of-Character Behavior

We ask that every member respect each other in the Cbox and around the site. Please keep the drama In-Character.

Avatars and Signatures

Avatars must be 200x300.
Avatars are meant to be the play-by of the character. As such, play-by's may be celebrities and models of your character. The avatars should be realistic (no manga characters or hand drawings) and as accurate as possible.

Signatures must be 600x200

Disciplinary Actions

Anyone not following the rules will receive a warning. After the third warning, they may be banned. Steps may be skipped if the infraction is serious enough.


Time in-game is real time. But we go by seasons instead specific months.

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